Radoman Kanjevac (1960) came into prominence in the early 1980s, as one of the pioneers of innovative and open-minded radio journalism - the creator of groundbreaking programmes such as Nobody Like Me and It's Only Rock'n'Roll. At the end of the eighties, he achieved a wider popularity as the author of lyrics for the rock-group Galija. The trilogy of albums, whose clever and well-defined concept was based upon Kanjevac's lyrics, marked the peak of the group creative achievement and commercial success. The collaboration with Galija ended in 1994, and a few months later Radoman Kanjevac published two books of poetry. Highly exciting and provocative, this poet's verses attracted a considerable attention among readers and critics. Written during an extremely turbulent and disturbing period, the poems from the collections The Open Letter and Words for Singing record a state of mind of a nation that got lost in cul-de-sacs of history, perplexed by the unreliability of geography. The book entitled Like a Hand down the Neck of a Double Bass marks the poet's return to a timeless lyric poetry and pure poetic emotions, offering a drop of tenderness in a merciless age. Radoman Kanjevac's latest book, Babe, I Think you Don't Know Who You Are Dealing With, is due to be published very soon. Every month during the next twenty months, the Internet-users will have an opportunity to read a new chapter of that poem.